Regulating supply chains

Episode 5: Regulating for responsibility

Welcome to the final stop in our podcast series on the responsible sourcing of minerals. In our concluding episode, we explore the role of regulators in responsible sourcing. Our guest joins us from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ: Heike Henn is Director for Climate, Energy and Environment.

Responsible sourcing electric cards

Episode 4: On the road to responsible supply chains

Starting at mine site, this podcast series have followed cobalt through the supply chain. In episode four, we’ll look into the making of cars. When a single car relies on the inputs from 60,000 suppliers, how can you truly appreciate the ultimate impact of your supply chain? Our guest, Johannes Danz, joins us from Mercedes-Benz.

Battery makers

Episode 3: Material concerns about batteries

Welcome to the third episode in our podcast series on the responsible sourcing of minerals. We have made our way to the battery producers. Can they reconcile the increasing social appetite for both cobalt and responsible mining? We are joined by Gillian Davidson, Chair of the Global Battery Alliance.

commodity trading cobalt

Episode 2: Commodity trading in the spotlight

Our second episode in this podcast series on responsible sourcing puts the spotlight on commodity traders – the invisible hand that connects production from artisanal miners in DRC with global customers. Join our conversation with James Nicholson, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Trafigura.

Artisanal and small-scale mining

Episode 1: Artisanal miners – heroes or villains?

Welcome to a podcast series on the supply chain of cobalt, a commodity that is critical to the global energy transition. Our first episode takes us to the mine site – but not any mine site. We unpack the role of artisanal and small-scale mining in the cobalt supply chain with Mickaël Daudin, Deputy Director at Pact.

Chile at a Critical Point

Chile is a mining success story. But how did it come to be world’s top copper producer – and what will it take to retain that status? We are joined by Diego Hernández Cabrera to explore the past, present, and future of Chile’s mining sector.

Leadership Matters

Join us as we welcome Rohitesh Dhawan as the new CEO of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM). The world, and the mining industry, are in flux. Rohitesh has been appointed to steer the Council through the strong winds of change.

Like a Rolling Stone

There is something magical about the enduring rock: a silent witness not just of evolution, but the origin of the universe itself. In this episode we explore the world of minerals – all the way from Creation to the marketplace. We are joined by Kevin Fox, a geologist and senior executive in the mining industry.