Energy Markets in Turmoil?

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Oil prices surged overnight – reaching their highest level since 2008. How will current events reshape the global energy agenda? To help us look beyond the fog of war, we sat down with Professor Paul Stevens – one of the brightest and clearest thinkers on the subject of energy economics.

COP26: All You Need to Know

Following dense weeks packed with global climate talks in Glasgow, Highgrade brings to you an executive summary of the climate change crisis; a digest of the discussions and all you need to know about COP26.

To do this, we have called upon Tom Burke, climate change expert, founding Director of E3G – and an old friend of the house.

The New Energy Geopolitics

For nearly a century, fossil fuels have been a key source of geopolitical tension. How is international politics changing with the surge in renewables? Join us in this fascinating conversation with Morgan Bazilian, Professor at the Colorado School of Mines and Director of the Payne Institute.

Coal Under Fire

For centuries the undisputed energy king, coal has made possible the great advancements of the industrial age. But coal is now tarnished with a dirty reputation, and both investors and consumers have started to avoid it. We met Anne-Claire Howard of BetterCoal, to ask: is the end of coal coming with a bang or a whimper?